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Lawpreneur ®

You're a successful diverse entrepreneur or athlete already transforming your world.

You now desire to make a greater impact throughout the entire world, one that will last for future generations.

You already have a seat at many tables, you now want to be empowered legally as you sit at tables throughout the world so that your legacy is both lasting and secure.


Lawpreneur® was born out of the essential need to realise as entrepreneurs that as you make people's lives better you will sadly, encounter legal issues.

These programmes have all been designed to address how you can ensure that you stay one step ahead.

Helping you solve your legal problems without costly litigation enabling you to become legally self sufficient at every stage.


Cynthia McFarlane, Lawpreneur®, The Horse Lawyer® and Miss McMediator is an award-winning International Mediator, Barrister (UK Lawyer), Coach and Speaker with 20 years legal experience. 




This is a 90 day programme for Diverse CEOs who are passionate about leaving an impact in this world but desire to step away from the day to day tasks in their business for other passions, which are not related to their business.

Following completion of the 90-day programme CEOs will be in a position to hand over the day to day handling of the legacy of their business to their team.

The price:

£20,000 (starting from)

Legacy Transformation is a 90 day programme that will equip CEOs with legal coaching using Cynthia McFarlane’s Lawpreneur® 3 step process to ensure that you can protect your business legacy.  This will enable you to leave a legacy in this world, intact, either through your name or passing it on to future generations. 

The Lawpreneur® 3 step process



- to avoid getting into legal disputes


Damage Control 

- to avoid getting into litigation


Damage Limitation 

- to limit the damage of litigation and avoid costs or repeated litigation

If you would like to apply for a place on Legacy Transformation please book an application call so that we can determine if this is the right fit for you and your business. 


The Legal VIP Day has been designed with busy and diverse CEOs who aren’t currently able to commit to the full 12-week programme but want to know how to resolve potential or current legal disputes.  


Whilst you may arrive feeling unsure as to how you should resolve your issues and a VIP day will ensure that you leave confident with a solution as to your next steps.

The price:

£10,000 Full day VIP day

£5,000 Half day VIP day

The VIP day includes:


  • An individualised Legal Strategy session: (up to 1 hour)

  • Damage Control - Mediation training for your particular business: (up to 3 hours)

  • Damage Limitation - Legal advice for your particular business: (up to 3 hours)

The VIP Day can take place in one of 2 locations or virtually:

The “Legal London” so that you can experience what life is like for a busy UK lawyer.

The “Country Retreat” so that you can experience the remoteness of country life.


A Legal VIP day is one-to-one with Cynthia McFarlane so that she can make sure you make both you and your business a priority.


It includes a joint luxurious lunch so that you take time for self-care whilst you nourish your business.  

If you would like to take control back and book your VIP day or to find out more please book a call today.

Daring to 'Represent': The McKenzie Friends Masterclass

The price: 
£97 + VAT

Join Cynthia McFarlane, Lawpreneur®, for a masterclass on "Daring to 'Represent': The McKenzie Friends Masterclass".

Do you see yourself as a Rebel or a member of the Elite in the Legal world? 

Or are you looking to be a future one?

Either way you're invited to the LAWPRENEUR® Masterclass 

This is specifically for those who are:

  • Thinking of becoming McKenzie Friends

  • New to being a McKenzie Friend

  • Are well-established and want to get to the next stage


Spend time with Cynthia where she shares with you 3 SECRETS of how you can become part of the elite McKenzie Friends, without the legal training.

The masterclass will include a presentation and will be followed by a Q & A.

And you’re invited!


Register now and get your space.

The Battle of

The price:
£94 (including VAT)

Join Cynthia McFarlane, Lawpreneur®, for a masterclass on "Empowered Litigants: Winning The Battle of Self-Representation".

Have you:

  • Ever thought of representing yourself in court? 

  • Always fancied yourself as one of your favourite TV lawyers?

  • Thought you could do just as good as your lawyer (or even better)?


If you answered YES to any of those questions, then this masterclass is for you.  


Cynthia will share with you 3 SECRETS so you can represent yourself in court and win.


Register now to join the next Masterclass.

Lawpreneur ®

Book your Legacy Transformation call today

Contact Cynthia McFarlane, Miss McMediator and The Horse Lawyer to find out more

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